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ApexSQL Log

Important notice

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ApexSQL Log cannot read the following from the transaction log:

  • Encrypted data

If you are unsure whether a particular feature of SQL Server is supported, please contact

Server-side components

Does ApexSQL Log install anything on my SQL Server?

I don't want to install ApexSQL Log or ApexSQL Log service on my machine. Is there a way to use ApexSQL Log?


Does ApexSQL Log use triggers?

Does ApexSQL Log have a large performance overhead?

Can ApexSQL Log audit SELECT statements?

Can changes to database schema or permissions be viewed or rolled back?

Does ApexSQL Log support reading transactions logs on SQL Server Express?

Can ApexSQL Log read backups created by third-party tools?

Licensing and evaluation

How is ApexSQL Log licensed?

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the evaluation version of ApexSQL Log?

What is the licensing model of your server tools in a clustered SQL Server environment?

Transaction log auditing

Can ApexSQL Log audit Windows logins?

Do I have to map the log directory of the server as a network drive on the client machine before I can access it?

Is it possible to run ApexSQL Log automatically or unattended?

Will ApexSQL Log be able to identify a specific user ID if passed from a web application?

Can ApexSQL Log read both archive and online transaction logs while the database is active?

ApexSQL Log is showing UPDATE records as DELETE/INSERT pairs for a clustered index value. Can this information be shown as UPDATE record?

Can ApexSQL Log read UPDATE operations for NTEXT, TEXT, or IMAGE?

Software configuration

How does ApexSQL Log handle failover in a clustered environment?

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