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Tools for Security and Compliance ApexSQL Security and Compliance Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for DBAs and Operations Engineers ApexSQL Operations Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for SQL Server Professionals ApexSQL Fundamentals Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for Developers and DevOps Engineers ApexSQL DevOps Toolkit for SQL Server
Tools for MySQL Professionals ApexSQL Fundamentals Toolkit for MySQL Server
Spotlight Cloud hosted SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics
LiteSpeed High-speed SQL Server backup, compression and restore
Decrypt SQL procedures, functions, triggers and views
Initiate decryption directly from SSMS
Decrypt objects with a single click
Filter encrypted objects
View original DDL script
Export encrypted objects into a SQL script
Decrypt databases from multiple servers
Decrypt wizard with built-in IDE


Alter or Create script types

Specify alter or create script types for SQL object decryption

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Script granularity

Generate a single SQL object decryption script for all objects or one script per object

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Original DDL scripts

Preview original DDL script of encrypted objects

See next feature

Preview action plan

Preview the impact of the decryption script

See next feature

Decrypt selected objects

Decrypt selected SQL objects with a single click

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Object filter

Filter objects by type and/or state

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SSMS and Visual Studio integration

Decrypt SQL Server database directly from the Object Explorer and Server Explorer right-click context menus in SSMS and Visual Studio

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Visual themes

Customize the visual appearance with interface themes. Learn more

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ApexSQL Decrypt 2018 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Decrypt features with a brief description


I did download your software to decrypt encrypted stored procedures. I got it working first time and must admit that it helped me a tremendous lot. I am very happy with the product.

Johan Smith

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