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LiteSpeed High-speed SQL Server backup, compression and restore
Generate SQL test data for specified tables
Export test data to SQL, XML, CSV, JSON, Excel
Generate millions of rows quickly
Customize test data plan with detailed options
Support a full range of SQL data types
Choose from multiple generators (Random, List, etc.)
Retain data consistency with foreign key support
Emulate real-world test data


Full SQL Server data type support

Generate test data across all SQL Server data types

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Predefined generators

Use 150+ predefined generators for meaningful data e.g. names, addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers

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Cross-column dependency support

Generate test data based on another column’s values with predefined conditional, string, date and numeric functions

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Use a wide range of predefined options to customize data, like seed, length, minimum and maximum values, uniqueness of data, and percentage of null values. Learn more

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User defined generators

Save any generator’s settings so it can be reused later with already prepared setup. Learn more

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Table mapping

Use intelligent column recognition pattern to populate table with data from external sources like other database tables and views or CSV files. Learn more

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Trigger and Check constraint handling

Disable Triggers and Check constraints to avoid referential integrity errors

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Relational integrity support

Include or exclude dependent objects in the generation process

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Execute the generated data against a database or choose one of the exporting options

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Generated data preview

Preview generated data before executing or exporting

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GUI warnings

Display errors, warnings and info messages in the tree view and preview panel for incorrect generator settings, circular dependencies, constraint violations, info messages regarding DELETE triggers enforced for the selected column and more

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Post generation summary

Track progress, possible errors and the number of rows successfully inserted into the database and the time span of the generation process

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Modular test plans

Build inheritance into test data plans by copying existing database settings

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Command Line Interface

Fully automate the test data generation process. Learn more

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Visual themes

Customize the visual appearance with interface themes. Learn more

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ApexSQL Generate 2018 – Screen shot tour

This article represents a screen shot tour of ApexSQL Generate features with a brief description

How to use regular expressions (RegEx) in SQL Server to generate randomized test data

This article describes how to generate test data using the Regular expression generator in ApexSQL Generate

How to generate randomized test data from a CSV file

In this article, we describe how to generate large amounts of randomized data from the imported CSV formatted file

How to generate randomized test data in ApexSQL Generate

This article explains how to generate randomized data in ApexSQL Generate by using the Random generator. Also, it shows how it works for basic SQL data types

How to generate sequential data in ApexSQL Generate

This article explains how to generate sequential data in ApexSQL Generate by using the Incremental generator and shows some special cases regarding the settings of this generator

ApexSQL Generate Command Line Interface (CLI) switches

This article explains the ApexSQL Generate CLI switches and their usage through the examples

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ApexSQL Redgate ®
SQL Server version
      SQL Server 2005
      SQL Server 2008 - 2019
SQL Server editions
      Amazon RDS for SQL Server
      Azure SQL Database
      Azure Active Directory authentication
      SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
      SQL script
      SQL Server database
      Direct execution against database
      SQL script
General features
      Action plan and post-generation summary
      Auto-convert data when the source data is a different data type
      Between-column dependency support
      Pre and post-processing scripts
      Table mapping
      Generate test data into graph node tables
      Backup database before the data generation
      Test data preview (CSV, Excel, JSON, SQL, XML)
      Visual dependencies
      CSV file
      Disable triggers and constraints
      Foreign key
      Generic (Random, incremental, regular expresion, text shuffler)
      Shareable user-defined
      SQL query
      SQL table or view
      Weighted list (nested and regex)
      Predefined 224 67
      Text generator (Lorem ipsum, sentence generator)
Use cases
      Create meaningful test data with the predefined generator
      How to generate randomized test data from a CSV file
      Use the Seed option to recall the same random generated data
      Save as batch
      Command line interface
      GUI themes
      High DPI and 4K resolution support
      Host aware theme adoption
      Microsoft standard iconography, colors and other visual effects

ApexSQL Generate 2020.01

Redgate® SQL Data Generator 4.3.1

Comparison was conducted on March 17, 2020

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Trenton D Souza

Application Manager

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Thanks for great products!

John Saunders

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