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Track data / DML changes in SQL Server databases
Integrate royalty free auditing into your apps
Translate data into information with lookups
Create reports and exports from audited data
Customize trigger templates with a built-in IDE
Add additional data to audit trail with watches
Track schema / DDL changes in audited database
Audit who, what, and when for all changes


Data / DML changes reporting

View details about data / DML change on each audited operation

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Include any additional, relevant data to the auditing results for a particular table

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Transform values e.g. 100 to easy to understand literals e.g. Chicago

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Integrated editor

Fully customize trigger templates with a dedicated IDE

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Before and after auditing

Show full audit trail including data as it existed before and after a change

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Visual audit management

Visualize your audit plan directly via the main interface for easy editing

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Who, what, and when auditing

Find out the name of the login, host, and application used to make audited changes

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Row history

View all historical modifications to a specific row

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Schema change notification

Be automatically notified about changes made to the table structure

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Schema / DDL changes reporting

View which database object was changed including the DDL action used to make the change

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Data maintenance wizard

Maintain auditing data in the central repository

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Multiple output formats

Export auditing data to plain text, Microsoft Excel, or PDF

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Save as Batch file

Export audited data to batch script format

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Visual themes

Customize the visual appearance with interface themes. Learn more

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Advanced auditing techniques - using the Watches feature

This video shows how to set advanced auditing feature in ApexSQL Trigger that allows showing additional values in the auditing report

How to add self data change auditing capabilities to commercial, shrink-wrapped software with a SQL Server backend

This article describes how to add self data change auditing capabilities to commercial, shrink-wrapped software with a SQL Server backend

SQL Server database auditing techniques

This article describes various auditing techniques, including extended events, DML trigger based auditing and transaction log auditing

Get an alert when a certain record changes in SQL Server

This article describes how to set database email, and how to configure ApexSQL Trigger to send an email when a certain change occurs

Auditing triggers in SQL Server databases

This article gives an overview of how to create and use auditing triggers and how to utilize and easily set up the auditing process using ApexSQL Trigger

Why you need to integrate data auditing into your SQL Server database continuous integration process

This article explains why auditing is a requirement that can no longer be ignored even in a dynamic environment using continuous integration and delivery

How can I make my custom applications self auditing?

This article describes how to set the auditing process using ApexSQL Trigger in order to make the custom applications self auditing

Audit SQL Server database and see who deleted a column value

This article describes how to set the auditing process for the specific table in order to detrmine who deleted a column value

SQL Server database trigger auditing – How to customize data tracking and reporting – Part 1

This is the first part of the auditing customization series. It gives an overview of the „Watches“ feature 

SQL Server database trigger auditing – How to customize data tracking and reporting – Part 2

This is the second part of the auditing customization series. It gives an overview of the „Lookup“ feature

How to automate trigger-based SQL Server auditing

This article describes the way to automate the process of creating the auditing triggers, using the batch file

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Free distributed reporting for ApexSQL Trigger

ApexSQL Trigger Viewer

Free win client reporting interface
Allow end users to query and audit on reporting data
Group, sort, and filter audited data
Export to Excel and CSV


ApexSQL Trigger has saved us hours of programming. It produces reliable code, and addresses important auditing requirements of our point of sale applications

Gary Low


Remington Stevens Research

ApexSQL Trigger is awesome! Hundreds of thousands of records generated in the audit trail without a glitch. From our stand point, you guys are Maytag repairman

Scott Bernard


I've been a huge fan of the ApexSQL Trigger which I've already put into production. That single application has saved me countless hours of programming to help get in compliance with some data auditing requirements

Walt Krzystek

Director of Operations

Matrix Imaging

First let me say we are very impressed with ApexSQL Trigger, it was not only the fastest but also the easiest to use out of the six audit tools tested. We also hit some errors with other audit products

Paul Ohlemacher



I have been using ApexSQL Trigger for over a year now and find it to be a great tool. ApexSQL Trigger is great at capturing all of the information (user, date, time, old value, new value, etc) required by my application. The best part about ApexSQL Trigger is that while being very easy to implement out of the box, it is also highly customizable. We have full access to each trigger and script and can customize them easily if the application requires

Kris Gustafson

Director, Interactive Technologies

ICON Clinical Research

PS I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of ApexSQL Trigger. Well done on some great software If you really want to know I had to provide auditing on a database system of some 147 tables. It would normally have taken me about 10 working days to do. I used ApexSQL Trigger and it took me about 2hrs to figure out the process and do the job. So once again that is productivity un-paralleled

Andrew Petterson

South Africa

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